He Is Beautiful

Beautiful, is your face. So flawless. So radiant. So simple. Yet, so beautiful. The soft edges of my finger tips touch your ever so perfectly skin and then you laugh because you are ticklish. I smile deep into your eyes and suddenly I am lost in your kiss. The taste of your lips is so sweet, I will cherish this moment forever. Back and forth we return kisses to each other; soft to hard and slow to fast. It’s like a rhythm we like to play on. We lay on the bed, the coldness of the bed sheets are broken by the warmth that our bodies generate together. You then start to read to me the words of your imagination, the words of your heart. You sound as if you are the modern day William Shakespeare in midst of his next creation for the Queen. The words that come from your mouth are telling me your secrets that no one else knows and I am brought to a deeper understanding of you and I love it. I love you. As you stare at me, while reciting, I cannot help but smile. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


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