Watching Old Videos Of Us Made Me Write This

I really hope we do see each other again and when that moment happens my soul will finally relax because we’d finally be together. Remember how I wrote to you of my thoughts of us being soul mates? It’s true. Our souls are connected and they’re meant to be together. Did you notice how when we were together it was all blissful? Did you notice the smile on our faces every time one said a stupid joke? Did you notice how our silences were our most intimate conversations spoken? Our days apart are killing me, and I’m trying to fill my time with moments spent with him but I realize that his efforts are supposed to  mean more than what I’m allowing it to be. I’m pushing him away because I have barriers that are written with your name on it. Oh, but I miss you. I’m missing you now, and I know that we have to allow ourselves to be apart from each other to grow into the people we are meant to be–yet that doesn’t stop me from missing you.  

I keep picturing the day we meet again and wishing that it would be sooner.

I want us to reunite; to be happy and carefree, to adventure and try new things, to take silly photos and role play, to play music together and freestyle rap, to be me with you…to have you in my life again would be one of the greatest gifts. You made me happy and I can’t spend my life without you anymore.

Living my life without you is much harder than I thought. Not being together makes me feel like there is something missing from my life…and that’s you.

Forever your soul mate and waiting to be reunited someday,



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