I Guess Those Japanese Classes Were Worth It

You’ve taken that leap of faith and found yourself buying a round-trip ticket to Japan. It’s funny because you’ve always mentioned to me that your dream is to explore Japan after you’ve finished your business degree, however, plans changed. Instead, here you are, packing whatever you can fit into a duffle bag, a tiny suitcase and a backpack. And when you’re finished, you’ll be making your way to the airport and saying your “See ya soon!” and  receiving a “Safe flight, bro” accompanied with hugs and kisses from those who will be missing you.

I hope you brought a camera with you to capture all things beautiful and amazing in a city which I’ll never get to see. I hope you brought a diary to write down your daily stories which you’ll be retelling when you get back (And I’m pretty sure that you’re stories are going to be so random and hilarious). I hope you brought your favourite sweater in case you get cold and to remind you of home. 

I know you’ll fall in love with Japans culture; their history goes back to 12000 BC and it continues to be a strong and captivating country. I definitely know you’ll fall in love with Japans food because your stomach already loves sushi in Toronto; just imagine having it right at its birth country!! I know you’ll fall in love with Japans people. They are kind hearted, thoughtful, and caring; make friends with them and you’ll be treated well. I know you’ll fall in love with Japan.    

It’s a pain to see you go away for a month but I know you’ll have the time of your life. This is something new and exciting because it’ll be something you’ll be doing alone. Your journey is like Bilbo Baggins, without the dwarfs and Gandalf to assist you…yet, I know your courage and spirit will guide you to the right places in the foreign country which you already love.

Anzen’na tabi,



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