Forever Your Number One Fan

In the eighth grade he was my best friend. He was of the French background. He was an aspiring hockey player, the next Sidney Crosby is what he called himself. He was always smiling and laughing. He was enchanting. I haven’t seen him since then, with those once in a while “Like” on each others Facebook walls that kept us partially updated with each others lives, however I always hoped for the best.

Recently I’ve noticed a number of his family members and close friends posting “Stay strong” or “Wishing the surgery goes well” or “I love you, Mike” on his Facebook wall, and with that I remained curious. It wasn’t until this morning when one of his aunts posted the “C” word was when I was totally taken back and speechless. Cancer has hit another victim in this world and it is someone who I had many memories with.

There was a sudden urge in me that wanted to talk to him again like we were our fourteen year old selves, so young and naïve of the bigger world that surrounds us. I wanted to hear his laugh and corny jokes. I wanted to see him play hockey again. I wanted to read to him his favourite books. I wanted to update him pointless stories of my life and laugh together. I wanted to be with him in hopes to keep him smiling. I wanted to help him keep his mind occupied with something less scary and dark.

I don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless.

Always rooting for my forever favourite hockey player,



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