A 20 Year Old Who Is Proud Of Her Struggles And Failures

A twenty year old female who has no idea what she is doing or where she is going in life. I always thought that I would have everything all set and together by the age of twenty-two. However, as the years begin to get closer to the rightful age, I have realized that I have got nothing secure and I am totally opposite of what I thought I would be. I always dreamed of graduating with no problem as a Registered Nurse; yet, here I am unsure of my chosen career path as I already failed twice in the program. I always dreamed of getting married by twenty-three to a handsome, successful and loving man; yet, here I am newly single because I was afraid of committing myself to a wonderful boy. I always dreamed of driving (preferably a SUV or a truck); yet, here I am using the local bus and trains as my needs of transportation. I always dreamed of traveling without any money issues and enjoying the world; yet, here I am stuck in my city with no job. I guess you would say I am my biggest disappointment and that is nothing to be proud about. However, I am working on myself to become more driven and determined. I am trying to use all the negatives in certain situations into positives. I am confused with life, as any other college student would be, but I know when I seek to find answers they will be given to me. With all my struggles I have and will continue to face, I am not going to let that bring me down. I constantly remind myself that I am a young, vibrant and brilliant woman who has the world as her playground. A little failure is okay, after all, what is the taste of success after you had a little bit of failure? I will continue to dream big and pursue whatever it is I have got to do. There are many steps for me to finally become a RN and hopefully, I will be working around the world. I am making myself a better person and I will stumble upon the man of dreams and marry him. I will drive my big car to the grocery store or to road trips to NYC with my friends. I will see the world and have adventures. And although I may not know where my road takes me, I will be proud of my struggles and failures. Even if there is no one proud of what I am or what I will become, I am proud of myself and I think that is an accomplishment.


2 thoughts on “A 20 Year Old Who Is Proud Of Her Struggles And Failures

  1. Do not worry about your failures. I always say that if you haven’t failed at something in life, then you are not truly living. Life is about being outside of your comfort zones and setting yourself goals.
    You’ve had your fair share of downs, but do not let them change your goals. Everything we do in life is a learning experience..the hardest part is picking ourselves up when we fall down…it seems you are well on your way to doing this. Never doubt yourself. Your mind is your most powerful tool. What you think, you will become.
    Stay positive! 🙂

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