My Never Before Told Speech

I’m not one to display my feelings or affection to others but today I’m omitted to it. Today we celebrate my sister, who has finally graduated college. Not many of you know what a journey it has been and how many paths it took her to accomplish this achievement in her life, not even I could understand her struggle. Because this route she chose did not come easy, it brought along detours which held her back, there were speed bumps which brought her down and I do know there was much negativity that she had to face. And yet, she took them all, as a warrior in battle would’ve faced a wound. I would tell her countless times to forget what the people have told her; I told her to continue to push forward, after all that’s where she’s heading. I would say to her: You can only go forward because your future is bright and ready.

Where you go from here, I will forever be there to support you because as dad always told us there are only the two of us and we’re all we have, and that’s the only thing that matters.

I know you’ve always dreamed of going abroad to teach kids there, such as Philippines or Australia, and I don’t want you to dream it, I want you to experience it and one day tell me the stories of your time there. I want you to reach so far, so that one day, your dreams will finally become your reality and you can continue to inspire more children because they do look up to you. And I assure you, there are plenty of children ready to be inspired by you, they’re just waiting for Ms. Nicole to come to them.

You’ve been through much negativity in life, however, I want you to always keep your head up to show the world they’ve got nothing on you and that they can continue to waste their words because it doesn’t matter. You’re a graduate of your chosen field and you’re shining so bright that people are squinting when they look at you. They can never glow as bright as you can.

I want you to remember that time when you told me that you’re continuing school for me, so that I can broadcast to the world that you’re someone worth being proud about; but I’ve never told you that you don’t need a piece of paper that states you’ve finished school for me to be proud of all the things you have and haven’t done because I have been proud of you from the start. You’ve never given up on things and your strength and faith are all to be proud about.

Sissy, you are a woman full of grace and humility and I know you can change the world, one child at a time. Get yourself ready for your next chapter in life because the page is already turning. Take a breath and gather your confidence because no one notices any flaws of you, you’re amazing and I love you.

So hats off and cheers to this wonderful Ms. Nicole, and God bless the places she will go.


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