“You Basically Put Plants Into Cars”

My feelings about Adrian are still there, yet I know that he and I will never be the same way we once were. And believe it or not, I am okay with that. I am in the process of living without him and I am doing fine. At times, I reminisce about the good ol’ memories we had and recollecting our laughters but that is normal to look back, as long as we don’t stay in that state forever. For the first while, it was difficult to cut him out of my life, however, day by day, I am finding it to be easier. I am breathing easier and feeling lighter each time. I suppose this time apart was needed, as I have said before, in order for the both of us to grow and mature respectively. I will always love and care for him, but just in a different way now. I will forever be grateful that I had a privilege to have him in my life for 11 years and call him friend.  I am happy for him now, and will continue to support him from the sidelines. And if God allows us to cross paths once more, I will accept it and cherish my time with him because maybe the next time he will only make a cameo appearance in my life. When there’s a second chance with someone, it may not be forever.


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