Our Souls Have Finally Relaxed

It took me by surprise when I saw you standing in my driveway, leaning against your old car that had a broken radio you never wanted to fix. I haven’t seen you in eight months nor have I contacted you in three. I almost forgot how you looked like because of trying to move on and live my life without you. Through these past months when someone says your name or brings you up only a blur image pops up and old memories and feelings pass by. However, your body instantly became vivid once I was only a few feet away from you. So much feelings and thoughts were stirring inside of me. I wanted to vomit everything I can to you in that moment. All I really wanted to do was hug you but if I came too close or briefly touched your hand, you might’ve disappeared in a blink of an eye and I would have never seen you again.

Our bodies have been apart for far too long, yet it wasn’t an awkward or tense space that had voided our silence; it was a sense of relief from our souls. And when you said those welcoming words “I’ve missed you”, our two paths collided once again for our souls had found each other in their own little hiding place.


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