My Wolverine

It came to a shock to me when I heard you were leaving. You told no one until the week before you were meant to go. It’s still hard for me to accept that you already left, packed your things and drove nine hours away from our city. I didn’t see this coming because I always thought you would be beside me, within distance reach but you left for all the right reasons. This is part of your journey, a new chapter in your beautiful life. I was just a mere appearance in a chapter, but I hope you know that you taught me more lessons than whatever I could learn in one class.

I would’ve never thought of us becoming such good friends from the day we first met. You were simply my sister’s best friend but somewhere along me tagging along to your dinner dates, road trips, and all the little car rides we found our mutual interests and our friendship began to bloom. You started giving me advice like a friend, driving me to places I needed to be, paying for my dinner, reminding me little things because you knew I’d forget. You became one of the few people I’ve let in my life. You were one of those that I trusted. You became one of my friends.

We were alike in so many ways; this surprised the both of us. We share the same interests of poutine, third-wheeling, and Marvel movies. We also share the same fears of spiders, scary movies, the dark, insects, and camping. There is so much more I can write about the both of us, but I want to write about you.   

Your love for soccer was so passionate, it was beautiful. You breathed soccer, inhale and exhale and when you would talk about it I felt yourself becoming happier with each word. When you would rant about the other team players or advocate for your favourite team, especially your favourite player. I would never forget that time when Brazil had lost and Neymar wasn’t there to play. You were so sad but  that’s when I fell in love with you.

You somehow reminded me of Wolverine, not just because of your beard, and your leather jacket, but because of how independent and serious you always were. You always had so many responsibilities, trying to look out for your family and friends however; you had so much space for yourself and didn’t let anyone in. That is where we connect because just like me, you only trusted a handful of people in your life.  

I remember that time when your brand new Mercedes got a flat tire; I could’ve almost heard your heart skipping every other beat. You were frustrated and angry but you didn’t want to show it. I desperately wanted to make you happier, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do that because I’m not the one to save you.

Although I love you, we are not meant to be for each other. You seek a different soul with more of a mature and serious nature, while I look for one who is free and artsy. We were destined to be only friends and ours is still an ongoing relationship despite you being distant.

I know you’ll come back but not for me, but because of our other friends. Still I’ll be happy and overjoyed for the next time we meet. I’ll be ready to listen to your adventures and notice a changed man.  In the mean time, I’ll be waiting.



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