My Ideal Guy Pt 1 (Update)

  1. A musician
    • Music is beautiful. It runs in my veins and it feeds my soul. Talk music to me as if it is the air you breathe. Talk to me about how the mellow indie’s are great for a late autumn evening or how City and Color has the perfect songs for a rainy day and how you sometime’s want to blast music from Rock of Ages when you’re cleaning the house and maybe how classical music helps you study late at night. Talk to me of how you listen to Disney songs to put you in a good mood and how that one song makes you cry every time.  Overwhelm me with your taste of music and songs that feel like home to you, and surprise me with your talents on an instrument, even though you’re terrible at it and just beginning. Music matters and so does your passion about it.
  2. A reader
    • Reading has become my escapism, and I will vomit to you stories about stories that I’ve fallen in love with. I will expect you to do the same, even if you only read Manga or even just the your daily dose of Sports news. I want to share a moment of intimacy with you through books written by someone else. I want to cry to you after my favourite character has died and expect you to understand because you’re just as emotional when your Manga has a surprising turn of events. I will probably buy you copies of my all time favourite books for your birthday and Christmas or even just randomly because they mean the world to me and would want you to understand why. I want you to have a little preview of my escapism
  3. A traveler
    • I want to travel the world and see every corner that is hiding. A man that doesn’t have any interest in seeing the world is automatically a no-go in my books. How can one person refuse to experience another country or insist on staying where he is? There is a whole world besides what we know; we weren’t born to stay in one place all our lives. The world is our playground and I’m searching for someone to join me in this journey. Someone who is willing to eat different types of foods, no matter who absurd and unappealing it looks, someone who wants to try on Ecuador’s traditional clothing or learn how to drive the cars in London. Someone who is not afraid to dance the streets of Portugal while a local street performer is singing and everyone will encircle us and smile for they see our love generating and know that it is foreign but so rich in love. Someone who is amazed at seeing the islands of Bali, someone who is interested to know the history of the streets of Barcelona, someone who will be amazed at the view in Norway after we’ve hiked one of the world’s most beautiful trails; someone who will love the world and be so open about experiencing it, just like I am.

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