1. What Can Happen In a Second?

A lot.

The second that the weather changes as a storm is slowly approaching. The second when you are awaken because of your 6:45AM alarm and roll over to hit the snooze button just to go back to sleep for five more minutes, you say to yourself. The second of the first breath of a newborn which is associated by their first cry. The second during an intimate moment just before that special kiss. The second when you hear the drop of your favourite coffee mug crashing on to your new wooden floor. The second when she smiles just before she bursts out into laughter which has always been your favourite sound. The second when you take a sip out of your morning coffee then burn your tongue. The second when the final score will declare your kids’ hockey team as the national champions. The second when the first rain falls onto your skin. The second of feeling accomplished as soon as you pass the finish line of that marathon you’ve been training for. The second when you decided to leave your city for another miles and miles away from everything and everyone that you love. The second when you hear your dog start to snore in their sleep. The second when you are reunited with your best friend who was away for college. The second of the airplane safely landing to its destination. The second when the sun rises to start the day. The second when the moon appears to protect the nights sky. The second when you felt your raw emotions eating at you. The second when you felt hatred and sorrow from your first real heart break. The second when you felt joy at Disneyland with your cousins who you’ll see in another five years. The second when you felt warmth from that summer evening in Connecticut. The second when you felt failure after seeing the results from finals. The second when you felt love from loving yourself first. The second you felt happiness with your friends last Christmas, realizing that they are your second family. The second when you were on the way to moving on.

But I think the most tragically beautiful second is one of the very last heart beats of a stranger that has loved and was loved, and holds stories of adventures, feelings, family and many seconds.


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