My Wolverine is back and he feels like home

You came back and I never wanted to run so fast in my life just to get a hug from you again. You came back and I swear I wanted to forget about the next few hours of my shift just to be with you. You came back and seeing you smile made my little heart be filled with joy. You came back but not for me.

It couldn’t be more played out that night when our souls were reunited. After helping a customer, your familiar face showed up and everything else was such a blur. All I can think about was how happier this holiday  season would be now that you’re back in town but I’ve got to remind myself that you are not meant for me; but how precious it would be if only you were.

You did not drive back home nine hours to our city because of me. Your heart did not beat so loud over dinner because of me.  You did not miss home because of me. Not because of me. Not for me.

I don’t think you realize how this friendship is blossoming and how I think of you of such a great friend.

Hugging you so tightly that night lead to our hands brushing ever so lightly that it felt so natural just to hold it…but I stopped myself before it could progress further. Holding your hand shouldn’t be natural, we aren’t supposed to happen and I am not to think of anything about it. But how can I explain that I felt like home in your arms when you hugged me?  You feel like home to me but I am not home to you. And when I said that I loved you, I meant it so much, but it’s how I love you is that I’m confused about. Then you responded that you loved me too, followed by telling me that I was the first girl you had said those three words to. You looked me in the eyes when you told me that you loved me, it had to mean something. You love me and I love you.

But as friends, right?


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