This is what your high-five made me write

I missed you so much that seeing you that night again made my heart skip a beat, but when our souls finally reunited you ignored what you were really feeling and went your way when your soul wanted to stay with mine. The whole night you dismissed every tug that I was asking for, every string of hope I was dear holding onto to have more than just five minutes of interaction with you. But you went your way and I went mine. We continued to conversing with everyone else in the room except each other. It’s as if our souls had a strong magnetic force to bring each other back again but our bodies just wouldn’t allow it. Our minds and bodies were acting differently to what our heart and souls needed. We need each other in our lives and I was hoping to dear god that we would rekindle our burned out friendship. I was putting my faith that seeing each other after a year of absenteeism that we can go back to what we were and deeper our adventures and trust in another. I was hoping that when you’d see me happy, and better than I was since the last time we were together, that you’d feel warmth in your heart and want to be part of my happiness. I wanted to hear your voice again in that way you’d tell me stories of your adventures in Japan and Korea. I wanted to see your face crack up when you’d hear of how my dad ignored me for two weeks after finding out about my tattoo. I wanted for us to be in each other’s lives again because that’s what the universe intended. It intended to have us as friends, soul mates, each other’s opposites and twins. We were put on this earth to cross paths and show us what needed fixing in ourselves. We were put into each other’s lives for many, many years and have a period of absence for us to work on a better us. And I know that we were put into this earth to part and come again in another time in our lives when we have forgotten our little disruption and are living apart.

We will be part of our lives again. We will have our souls relaxed into each other’s arms. We will be able to feel comfort in our hiding place, wherever and whenever it may be. We will be together again, because no matter how far or stretched our ties may be; no matter how much hurt we’ve been put through; no matter what happens in our lives, we will always find our way back to each other.

Our souls are mates and so are we.


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