I wanted to thank my cousin but I end up writing her this

I love you. I know and understand that lately, this time of your life is hard and stressful but I thought I should tell you that I love you, even if we don’t see each other as often or talk as much as we used to. You will always be an important person in my life, no matter what happens to us. And no matter what you do, nothing will make me love you less. I am proud of you. I find that most people don’t get to hear that often, especially during this vital part of a person’s life. And I know what a struggle it is when you don’t have anyone to genuinely tell you how much you make them proud; but here I am telling you that you make me proud. Each year you grow more and more into a bright and beautiful person and all I can do is smile from the sidelines at how far you’ve come. You’ve had such wonderful experiences that one can ever wish on having and you’re on your way of creating more stories. You’ve made friends who support you and love the most ugly of faces I’ve ever seen; you’ve pushed through your first ever “witch” manager and have been growing a thick skin at your part-time job at McDonalds; you’ve put yourself out there in various of afterschool activities which allowed you to venture further in life and bumping into different souls on their journey. These past four years was just starting to define who you really are to become, this was the basic foundation of your unexpected journey in life. And if that’s not something to be proud about now, then I don’t know what is. Be proud of yourself. I’m always praying for you. I find it humbling that we are able to attend Visitation nights together; to be able to sit down and pray together as cousins and as two souls who are finding their strength through Him has made our relationship even stronger. During those nights, I’m able to witness how important faith and the Lord is for you. To be able to see you interact with your friends in the Lord’s house just shows how He is changing your life and it touches my heart. Being able to feel a familiar feeling of home in church makes me jump for joy because I see it in your eyes too. And so I thank you. I thank you for allowing me to experience His love all over again but in a different and mature light that I didn’t experience when I was younger. I thank you for letting me meet your friends and my new friends through Christ because I feel that these relationships are the start of something new. I thank you for opening my eyes to such brighter things when we’re together. I thank you for our sleep over’s. I thank you for sharing your secrets with me. I thank you for venting to me when you’re super stressed. I thank you for being an open ear for my mellow-dramatic situations. I thank you for always making me smile. I thank you for being just as excited as me when our favourite songs come on during Visitation. I thank you for everything that you have and will do in my life. You are beautiful in all your ways and you are enough.


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