This is who I’m praying for

A year ago I posted what I want in my ideal boyfriend or man. I realized how different I’ve changed in regards to many things and with my future husband or boyfriend.

I want him to love God every day for the rest of his life. I want him to be glorified after Sunday masses together. I want to hear his story of how he came to realize that Jesus made an impact on his life, whether it was progressive or it was dramatic like an epiphany. I want him to be able to take me on dates to mass. I want him to not be afraid to ask if I want to spend our Friday evenings at church to help with the youth ministry. I want him to be confident when he tells me he went to confession. I want a man in love with God before he falls in love with me. To be able to find such a gentleman would be such a precious gift from Him. I think that our relationship should be focused on us, but also focused on Christ. He will be guiding us and we’ll be praying the rosary each night before we go to bed.

My Christ centered relationship.

I want us to come together and so I’d be able to tell him about my daily struggles, and we’d be able to pray about it together. I want us to share our favourite bible passages to each other. I want to have a jam session for two, worshipping Him and also playing our favourite Bob Marley songs.  I want us to grow together in faith and in love. I want to be there for him as his rock, but not taking that away from Him. I want us to experience life the way God intended us to see.

I feel that who I am today reflects on finding a God fearing man to help me on my faith journey.


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