Seb’s Affirmation

Dear Bianca,

I lied, my affirmation will be longer than a single word. I apologize in advance.

When I first met you (@ GR, only the Lord knows when we actually met), I thought, “Oh this is just another one of Jose’s friends, cool”. Not to say I don’t like his friends, just that I’ve always made this distinction:

My friends |||→(permeable membrane) His friends

But after this week, I thank my lucky stars I was fortunate enough to make a friend out of you. so now it’s more like:

My friends (You) His friends

You are this absolutely wonderful individual.

That may be the Stockholm Syndrome speaking, considering how much time we were forced together, but I’m glad we shared this experience. I’m so happy we had the opportunity to laugh together, reflect together, and grow so much in a single week. I’ll keep what you taught me this week (indirectly) close to my heart.

Thank you for being you.



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