Never Go For The Guy With A Girlfriend…This Is Why

note to self.

Thought Catalog

It starts innocently enough, or so it seems. Cute guy, button down shirt, eyes that melt you. Couldn’t get any more cliché, right? Then comes the kicker – he has a girl already, and it isn’t you. This is where both of you should stop, and if you don’t, the only thing that stops is decency.

You’ll excuse it at first, a text here or there. “How was your day?” You remember the last time you saw him, fresh in your mind. “It was great seeing you.” That’s saying the absolute least, you think, it was wonderful. You get chest palpitations at wondering, what will next time be like?

Then one of you, so rash yet so cautiously, dares put a single toe over the line in some variation. “You’re beautiful … I shouldn’t have said so.” If you’re a sucker for sweet talk, this is about the time you…

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