Someone once told me that you should find a man who tells strangers about you.

He’ll tell them of that one summer day you two spent four hours doing absolutely nothing except for laying down on the his bed. He’ll explain the way you look at him every time he says a stupid joke, “I swear she thinks of me as a huge nerd but when she looks at me like that, my heart skips a beat or two. God, I think I’m in love with her”. He’ll also confess to them that he catches the last few seconds of when you look at him as if you were admiring a piece of work at the Art Gallery of Ontario before you look away and that drives him mad because he thinks of you as the masterpiece. He’ll tell everyone of how your souls just gravitated towards each other when you first met, as if your souls knew each other in their past life or that maybe you both come from the same falling star. He’ll mention that he loves the feel of your fingertips running over his body, especially when you glide them over his beard, “It feels soothing like a lullaby like hearing the ocean waves on the shore, a comforting feeling that puts me to sleep”. He’ll say to them that your eyes look like butterflies when you’re in the sunlight, and it’s the most beautiful shade of brown he’s ever seen. He’ll tell a random man selling newspaper on the street that you have three different types of laughter: the silent laughter (when you find something incredibly funny and tears run down your face and you’re literally dying of laughter), the loud laughter (which is short and to the point), and your soft chuckle that you do during your late night conversations which is his favourite. He’ll explain to the man, “She tries to control her laughter at night cause she’s terrified of waking up everyone in her house, but if I were to wake up to the sound of that laughter each time, it would feel as if I was entering the gates of heaven”. He’ll describe your smile to a mom and her kid at the park once day during his morning run, “She has this enormous smile that makes her eyes smaller. She had braces for two years which makes her smile more perfect and when I look at her smiling she becomes more beautiful, and I kinda want to smile with her for the rest of our time together,” He’ll tell the kid , “You’re mother’s smile is as beautiful as my girls”. He’ll explain how during a heated argument or a deep conversation he notices just how passionate you are when you’re talking and he falls more in love with you and smiles. He’ll also tell them just how you hate it because you two were having a “serious” conversation and it just throws her off, “But God damn, I kiss her right then and there because I want her smile to meet mine”. He’ll tell the guy at the hot dog stand of the most intimate moment between you two is when you both take naps together; he’ll confess that he secretly likes being the smaller spoon and loves when you kiss his shoulders or when you take his hand to stare at, and unexpectedly you’ll kiss it like you were keeping a secret with them. He’ll say when you’re mad at him you start mocking him and gives him this stare that you want to look intimidating but you end up looking sexier than ever. He’ll tell this old woman on the bus about his favourite word that you always say, “I love it when she calls me ‘baby’. It’s the way she says it and the way it comes out from her mouth. So graceful and careful and it just leaves me weak in the knees. It’s an automatic win when she says ‘baby’, I forfeit to her and it’s game over for me”. He’ll explain how you claim to have a cold personality and a black heart, “But what she refuses to understand and accept is that her heart is so big and she is learning to love and give more to others”. He’ll confess that you are inspiring him each day especially during Sunday masses, “I’ll glance over her after receiving the Eucharist and I’m in awe when she is absorbed in prayer, I thank God for allowing us to meet and be together”.

Cause when you find someone who tells strangers of you, it’s real and it’s one of kind.


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