I wrote this when my heart was broken and I realized that I love you

This sucks. My heart hurts and my body is slowly shutting down. Every day I wake up forgetting you’re not beside me anymore. I hug the pillows that take your place instead. I find myself trying to look for your scent in every corner just so I can breathe in that familiar smell. I hope […]

You held my hand three weeks ago, and kissed it

I don’t understand you and I guess I never will. You came into my life suddenly and unexpectedly and our friendship began to blossom to something so innocent yet so filling. And slowly we entered another level of affection and concern when we started staying late at night together on the phone, exchanging secrets we […]

My Ideal Guy Pt 1 (Update)

A musician Music is beautiful. It runs in my veins and it feeds my soul. Talk music to me as if it is the air you breathe. Talk to me about how the mellow indie’s are great for a late autumn evening or how City and Color has the perfect songs for a rainy day […]

Living Without My Soul Mate

How can someone move on from losing her soul mate after being together for eleven years?  How can someone emotionally be okay with going through weeks filled with midterms, assignments, stress and dealing with a broken heart? How can someone genuinely laugh again when her happiness depended on him? How can I go on with […]