It took me three years to talk about you and our relationship, and here’s what I have to say

You were the perfect boyfriend, but not the one for me. Now don’t get me wrong but you were incredibly good to me. You never got angry when I was stubborn, you gave me anything and everything I had asked for in a heartbeat. You showered me with affection without hesitation and gave me outpouring […]

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

I understand that you want to get back together as you cannot stand to keep thinking about the “What if?” and “Could have been’s” in our almost blossoming relationship. I appreciate your thoughts and although it was very pleasant reading what you had to say, that does not change my mind and decision. You do […]

You Were Going Out With Someone That Just Had A Good Soul

Alex-Bianca, everything I have done for you… Has been because you deserve it. You deserve to be treated well. Fuck a pedestal, I’ll put you on a mountain. How does Everest sound? That’s how much you mean to me. I’m not good at things, I’m just good at being a good guy. That’s all I’m […]

He’s Not A Poet But This Is His Poem

I’ve got a secret Can’t hold it in anymore. There’s someone special in my life, And I’ve never felt like this before. I know you want me to talk to other girls, But know this much is true, There is only one girl I really want, The only girl that I really want is… A […]