A year ago today you told me you loved me, then you broke me

December 19, 2014 Is it strange that you feel like home to me? That I wanted to hold your hand so badly when we were walking side by side and our hands brushed shyly. That when I spoke to you, my eyes were meeting with yours and I swear it was giving each other life. […]

You don’t look me in the eyes like you used to

To the one who I thought was falling for me, but clearly was just wasting his time on a girl who was always willing to say “yes” to him. I don’t want to be in your life anymore and this can work. Being my sister’s best friend, I don’t need to associate myself with you […]

My best friend of 21 years came out to me and this is what I want to tell him.

I want to tell him that I’m happy but hurt for him because he chooses to hide who he really is in order to please those whose opinions aren’t important.  I want to tell him what essentially does matter are the people who make him the happiest.  I want to tell him that I accepted him for twenty one years before this and I will continue […]

You held my hand three weeks ago, and kissed it

I don’t understand you and I guess I never will. You came into my life suddenly and unexpectedly and our friendship began to blossom to something so innocent yet so filling. And slowly we entered another level of affection and concern when we started staying late at night together on the phone, exchanging secrets we […]