Someone once told me that you should find a man who tells strangers about you.

He’ll tell them of that one summer day you two spent four hours doing absolutely nothing except for laying down on the his bed. He’ll explain the way you look at him every time he says a stupid joke, “I swear she thinks of me as a huge nerd but when she looks at me […]

This is who I’m praying for

A year ago I posted what I want in my ideal boyfriend or man. I realized how different I’ve changed in regards to many things and with my future husband or boyfriend. I want him to love God every day for the rest of his life. I want him to be glorified after Sunday masses […]

My Ideal Guy Pt 1 (Update)

A musician Music is beautiful. It runs in my veins and it feeds my soul. Talk music to me as if it is the air you breathe. Talk to me about how the mellow indie’s are great for a late autumn evening or how City and Color has the perfect songs for a rainy day […]

Watching Old Videos Of Us Made Me Write This

I really hope we do see each other again and when that moment happens my soul will finally relax because we’d finally be together. Remember how I wrote to you of my thoughts of us being soul mates? It’s true. Our souls are connected and they’re meant to be together. Did you notice how when […]