Tonight you told me that you don’t deserve all the love I’m giving you, and this is my response

I don’t think you realize how much you mean to me. I don’t think you know how this love has changed me in so many ways. And this is the part where I tell you: Ever since we have been together, I have met love in a different form each morning. Love shows me the […]

29 Things I’ve Learned in My 20s–At The Age of 21

People who you thought would be part of your life forever will leave you in an instant and you’ll spend nights wishing you can redo what you did wrong in order to get them back. Confidence is always going to be your key to success. Even if you don’t have a clue on what you’re […]

Self Love is The Ultimate Love

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of opinions on my new tattoo. Most comments are from my family who aren’t the least happy about it. To bring people to a history of myself and tattoos: I have two. My first one is in the ancient lost Filipino script ‘Baybayin’ of the word “Family”.  My most recent one simply […]

A 20 Year Old Who Is Proud Of Her Struggles And Failures

A twenty year old female who has no idea what she is doing or where she is going in life. I always thought that I would have everything all set and together by the age of twenty-two. However, as the years begin to get closer to the rightful age, I have realized that I have got […]