You don’t look me in the eyes like you used to

To the one who I thought was falling for me, but clearly was just wasting his time on a girl who was always willing to say “yes” to him. I don’t want to be in your life anymore and this can work. Being my sister’s best friend, I don’t need to associate myself with you […]

Self Love is The Ultimate Love

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of opinions on my new tattoo. Most comments are from my family who aren’t the least happy about it. To bring people to a history of myself and tattoos: I have two. My first one is in the ancient lost Filipino script ‘Baybayin’ of the word “Family”.  My most recent one simply […]

Our Souls Have Finally Relaxed

It took me by surprise when I saw you standing in my driveway, leaning against your old car that had a broken radio you never wanted to fix. I haven’t seen you in eight months nor have I contacted you in three. I almost forgot how you looked like because of trying to move on […]