It took me three years to talk about you and our relationship, and here’s what I have to say

You were the perfect boyfriend, but not the one for me. Now don’t get me wrong but you were incredibly good to me. You never got angry when I was stubborn, you gave me anything and everything I had asked for in a heartbeat. You showered me with affection without hesitation and gave me outpouring […]

To my sixteen year old self,

You have just celebrated your birthday with your friends, which you’d be surprised to know that they remain the same people in your early 20s. They have basically become your second family and with each adventure you experience together, you learn to love them more. They make you smile and you know for certain that […]

Being Honest is Okay (Especially In A Relationship)

I don’t know if I like my boyfriend anymore. This relationship thing is new to me, and from the beginning I felt so uneasy about all this. I regret not taking time on getting to know him better, I regret not being friends first, I regret not taking things slow; but I do not regret […]