Tonight you told me that you don’t deserve all the love I’m giving you, and this is my response

I don’t think you realize how much you mean to me. I don’t think you know how this love has changed me in so many ways. And this is the part where I tell you: Ever since we have been together, I have met love in a different form each morning. Love shows me the […]

You don’t look me in the eyes like you used to

To the one who I thought was falling for me, but clearly was just wasting his time on a girl who was always willing to say “yes” to him. I don’t want to be in your life anymore and this can work. Being my sister’s best friend, I don’t need to associate myself with you […]

He’s Not A Poet But This Is His Poem

I’ve got a secret Can’t hold it in anymore. There’s someone special in my life, And I’ve never felt like this before. I know you want me to talk to other girls, But know this much is true, There is only one girl I really want, The only girl that I really want is… A […]